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Wipro Aptitude Test Syllabus for Freshers Recruitment Drives

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Wipro Aptitude Test Syllabus for Freshers Recruitment Drives

Wipro Aptitude Test: If you have applied for Wipro Off Campus 2019 directly, then you should know the Syllabus for Wipro Freshers Recruitment Drives. The Online Test Pattern for Wipro Off Campus is as follows –

Wipro Aptitude Syllabus for Freshers Off-Campus Drives

Verbal and Analytical Aptitude Test (Reasoning, Verbal, Quants)
Coding Test
Essay Writing Test
As per the Wipro new syllabus for Freshers Off-Campus Recruitment 2019, there are 30 questions from Reasoning, Verbal, and Quantitative Aptitude. Candidates have to answer these 30 questions in 45 minutes.
Reasoning sections has 10 questions
Verbal Section has 10 questions
Quanitative Aptitude section has 10 questions. 
Candidates have to take a Programming Test after completing the Verbal and Analytical Aptitude Test. Programming Test contains two questions on coding. The time allotted for this section is 45 minutes.
Upon a written communication test will be conducted on Essay Writing. This Test contains 1 question for 20 minutes.
Let’s check the Wipro Aptitude Online Test Syllabus in detail.
Wipro Aptitude Test Syllabus for Off Campus Drives
Wipro Aptitude Syllabus
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Wipro Aptitude Test Syllabus

Numbers, decimal fractions and powers
Profit and Loss
Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Time, Speed and Distance
Permutation and Combinations

Wipro Verbal English Syllabus

Synonyms and  Antonyms
Error Identification
Sentence Improvement & Construction
Tenses & Articles
Propositions & Conjunctions
Speech & Voices
Reading Comprehension
Inferential and Literal Comprehension
Comprehension ordering

Wipro Logical Reasoning Syllabus

Coding deductive logic
Calendars and Clocks
Blood Relations
Objective Reasoning
Decision tables
Number Series
Logical word sequence
Data sufficiency

Wipro Aptitude Computer Programming Syllabus Frequently Asked Programmes

Fibanocci Series/ Factorial of Numbers/ Number is Prime or Not
GCD of two or more numbers,
Programmes on String Handling Functions
Programmes on Sorting, Iterations/ Loops

Wipro Coding Test Syllabus 
Basic Programming
Iteration, Recursion, Decision
Procedures and functions
Data Structures
Arrays, Linked Lists
Trees, Graphs
Stacks, Queues
Hash Tables
Java (OOPs)


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