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Tips for Telephone Interviews

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Tips for Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews have become quite popular nowadays, especially in the IT industry. The main reasons for conducting telephonic interviews are it saves the employers time and money. Also, The nature of work in the software industry does not allow employees to physically be present for the interviews.

Telephone Interview Tips
Telephone Interview Tips
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Working Tips for Telephone Interviews

Keep a copy of your resume and the covering letter that you had mailed in hand. You may have prepared different resumes for different employers and certainly must have sent different covering letters. It would be advisable to keep them ready and respond.

Keep the real facts ready about the company with you while you take the interview. You can find the employer’s information on the company’s website or Wikipedia.

Create a strategy in providing facts which support your resume, with some context about your performance. However, you don’t want to volunteer anything that could disqualify you.

You should ensure that you have exclusive privacy to respond to the interview. So, try to take the telephonic interviews at home and not at the office.

You should inform the interviewer your convenient time, so that, they can choose one that is convenient for both sides. Make sure that you have the phone fully charged before the Interview.

Explore Frequently asked interview questions from the Internet and practice them.

If you are an experienced professional, the interview can sometimes last for 40 to 50 minutes.

Speak slowly and politely. This is more necessary when you speak with a foreign client. Speaking slowly is the easier way of making your speech intelligible.

Thank the interviewer for the call and his time. Do not hang up until the interviewer hangs up.

Once the interview is over with feedback OK, then the Human Ressource officials will swing into. They will ask questions about the package, notice period and the joining time etc. Try to tell the notice period is 3 months, and later say I will approach my HR for negotiation. Since most of the MNC companies prefer to have 3 months notice period.

Tell the Expected salary is up to 30% hike on the present employer salary. Based on your technical skills, confidence, and experience you can demand to any level.

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