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Infosys Interview Questions for Freshers | Technical and HR Rounds

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Infosys Interview Questions for Freshers | Technical and HR Rounds

Infosys Interview Questions for Freshers: There is no specific pattern followed by IT companies for Technical Interview and HR Interviews. Most of the questions asked in IT companies for Technical Interview are related to C Programming Language, C++, DBMS, and OOP’s concepts. If you are good at these, sure the Interview is yours. Here I am providing the Infosys Interview Questions for freshers Technical and HR rounds. 

Infosys Interview Questions for Freshers

There are two rounds of Interview for freshers to test their logical/ coding skills and employability skills. The employability skill check is nothing but checking the candidate’s communication skills, decision-making skills to know how a candidate can fit for the current position. Let’s have a look at the sample questions for each round. 
Infosys Technical Interview Questions
Infosys Technical Interview Questions

Infosys Technical Interview Questions | C Programming | C++ | Java

Sometimes in Technical Interview, you are given a white paper to execute a program live and asked to explain the logic. 
  • Difference between C and C++? 
  • What is the Null pointer? 
  • What are the four basics of OOP? 
  • What you mean by Object-Relational DBMS?
  • What is the database Schema? 
  • What are the different levels of database schema? 
  • what is the distinction between foreign key and reference key? 
  • How to Increase the heap size in the memory? 
  • Why is it tough to store a linked list in an array? 
  • Different types of keys in SQL?
  • Explain about Joins, Views, Triggers?
  • Define Data Abstraction. What is its importance?
  • Write a program to swap two numbers without using any temporary variable.
  • Memory Allocation in C/C++. 
  • What is inheritance? What are the different types of inheritance? 
  • Tell me any two the differences between C++ and Java? 
  • What is a linked list? 
  • Differentiate between Arrays and Linked List.
  • Explain the logic/ flow of the programme.
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      Infosys HR Interview Questions

      All HR Interviews starts with a simple question Tell me about yourself? The question may look simple, but HR test the way of answer delivered by the candidate. 

      • What are the projects you did in your final semester?
      • How can you say that you are fit for Infosys?
      • What are your Hobbies?
      • Where do you want to see yourself in the next two years?
      • What is the greatest achievement in your life till now?
      • Discuss the most stressful situation you have faced in your life?

      Infosys Interview Questions for Freshers PDF Download

      Here we have collected a few PDF files to help Job Aspirants. 

      PDF Download Link 1: Click Here >>

      PDF Download Link 2: Click Here >>

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