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Essential Interview Tips for Freshers

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Essential Interview Tips for Freshers

Here we are going to present the tips and essentials required to attend a Job interview and make it successful. The required qualities, checklist, Do’s, and Dont’s are mentioned in this article.

Interview Tips for Freshers Recruitment Drives and Walkins

What is a job interview? 

A job interview is a formal conversation which occurs between a potential employer and a job applicant. During the job interview, the employer has the opportunity to assess an applicant’s qualifications, and general skills for the job opening and the role. In short, an Interview is an interaction. One has to bear in mind, a technical interview essential seeks an accurate/correct response. However, an HR round of interview essentially assesses the candidate’s ability to comprehend and respond to questions. It’s more of a personality assessment where the accuracy of response is secondary.
Interview Tips for Freshers
Interview Tips for Freshers 

Required Qualities for a Successful Job Interview for Freshers

1. Personal Characteristics
Do you have good grooming?
Do you have good manners?
Do you maintain good eye contact?
2. Self-Expression
Are you confident in expressing your ideas?
3. Maturity
What about your overall sense of balance?
Can you make value judgments and decisions?
4. Personality
What are you like?
Outgoing? Shy?
Will you fit into their corporate culture?
5. Experience
What about your academic achievements?
Involvement in extracurricular activities?
Job skills?
6. Enthusiasm and Interest
Are you really interested in the employer?
The particular job? Industry?
7. Career Goals
What are your short term and long term goals in your professional life?
Is it consistent with the company goals?

Interview Types 
As per the IT industry, there are three types of styles in the interviews. Today most of the employers prefer Face to Face Interviews, especially for freshers.
  1. Face-to-Face 
  2. Telephonic 
  3. Video Conference Interview

Interview Checklist for Freshers Walk-in

Before the interview 
  1. Research the company 
  2. Research the role 
  3. Find out how to get there 
  4. Think of some interview questions you may be asked and practice your answers 
  5. Ask the interviewer some questions at the end of the interview
  6. Get your outfit sorted 
  7. Grab anything else you need for the interview the night before (e.g. a copy of your CV, a notebook and pen, a small but particularly stylish umbrella) 
  8. Relax 
On the day of the interview 
  1. Leave the house in plenty of time 
  2. Arrive at least 15 minutes early 
  3. Be polite and professional from the moment you enter the building 
  4. Relax 
During the interview 
  1. Give your interviewers a firm handshake when you meet them 
  2. Be aware of your body language 
  3. Take a deep breath before each question 
  4. Take notes (if applicable)
What are the key competencies? 
Skills that employers look for when recruiting. Some key competencies include:
  1. Teamwork 
  2. Responsibility 
  3. Communication skills 
  4. Decision making 
  5. Leadership 
  6. Problem-solving 
  7. Organization 
  8. Goal orientation
Critical aspects of Interview
  1. Dress Code 
  2. Body Language 
  3. Answering Top 10 common questions 

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