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Email Writing Test in BPO for Non Voice Process & ITES Job Interviews

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Email Writing Test in BPO for Non Voice Process & ITES Job Interviews

Email Writing Test in BPO: Today, All major IT & ITES companies are conducting Email Writing Test for freshers candidates to check their Verbal & Non Verbal skills. However, writing skills plays an important role in dealing with clients in any type of project. In this article, you will get to know, How to crack an Email Writing Test?.

You might not aware, E-mail writing is one of the major elimination round in BPO interviews. Since, the BPO sector always deals with communication skills, presentation skills & writing skills. So, writing skills are most important before attending any Interview. Let’s have a look at the structure of the E-mail writing round.

Email Writing Test in BPO Job Interviews

As we all know, An Email is one of the fastest way of communication to convey our Ideas and thoughts or to share the work experience. In professional work (Ex: BPO), Email is used to connect with the clients, Chat with Clients, subordinates & more. Moreover, it connects all the people of a particular project. So, you need to be very conscious while writing a Formal Email in office. By practicing English grammar & following the structure, you can easily crack the Email Writing Exam.

Email Writing Format Structure

Every Email must have a Header & Body sections.

Email Header

Header comprises of Subject, Receiver Email Id, Sender, CC, BCC & Date.
Sender & Receiver Emails are mandatory for any Email writing.
CC means Carbon Copy – If you want your higher officials to keep a special attention on your Email content, you can keep their Email Id in CC.
BCC means Blind Carbon Copy – If you don’t want the receiver to see the people in CC, you must place their Email Id’s in BCC instead of CC.
Subject is nothing but the Title of the Email

Email Body

Email Body is nothing but the content what you are writing. It can be Formal or Informal. If you are writing for Friends or Family, You can prefer Informal way of writing. But, A Business Email must be formal. 
Here comes the salutation part. Salutation is nothing but greeting the people to whom you are writing that particular Email. (Ex: Hello, Dear, etc.)
Email Ending Salutations are also should be in the body, after finishing the main content.

Tips To Crack an Email Writing Test in Interviews

  1. Avoid Informal way of writing an Email
  2. Avoid Grammar mistakes & spelling mistakes
  3. Try to create the content simple & meaningful
  4. Give proper starting & ending salutations to the Email Receiver or Group
  5. Practice writing at least 10 sentences without grammar mistakes.
  6. Use Tenses properly
  7. Don’t share any passwords through Email
  8. avoid keeping unnecessary people in CC.

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