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Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Job Interview

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Job Interview

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Job Interview

Students despite all the preparation, make few mistakes. Please read the below list, to make sure you don’t make those.
dos and don'ts of interview
dos and don’ts of an interview 

Common mistakes to avoid / Don’ts for a Successful Job Interview

1. Not preparing prior to the interview
2. Not dressing aptly
3. Shaking legs
4. Not knocking the door
5. Not preparing resume based questions
6. Not working on subject-based questions
7. Not working on most frequently asked questions
8. Not listening to the entire question and answering
10. Don’t speak about family or near ones as strength
11. Don’t speak about a family in weakness as well
12. Don’t say no for relocating, bond or night shift
13. Don’t speak in detail about family

Check a few tips to improve your presence at the Interview Venue. 

Success tips / Do’s for a Successful Job Interview
Candidates selection process will not be based on a single question.
Here are some tips for the successful Job Interview are-
1. Explore the internet about your previous year papers and questions of the company you were appearing for, most of the times similar questions might appear.
2. Learn about the company before appearing.
3. Reach the interview venue, at least an hour prior, so that you can interact with candidates who have attended the interview and can take tips from them.
4. Never fumble in the question you are good at. Interviews – Questions You Should Be Asking

Other general etiquettes

  • Knock the door, while you walk in. Greet the interviewer with a smile. Shake hands only if your hands are not sweaty or if the interviewer offers a handshake. 
  • Keep a copy of resume handy, give them your resume and ask them if you can sit if you have not already sat. 
  • Don’t shake legs or play with fingers on the table 
  • Sit straight, make good eye contact 
  • Also carry some extra copies of resume, in case there are more people interviewing 
  • After the interview, say thank you with a smile and walk out confidently 
  • Close the door behind slowly(Don’t bang the door).

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