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Capgemini Essay Writing Topics and Tips for Freshers Recruitment Process

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Capgemini Essay Writing Topics and Tips for Freshers Recruitment Process

Essay Writing is one of the exclusive section in Capgemini Freshers Recruitment Process. There are more chances of asking to write an Essay on any of the current topics in the Written Test. So, the candidates are advised to check the trending topics before appearing for the Capgemini Written Test. As per the previous exam papers of Capgemini, there is an Essay Writing section containing one Essay Question with a given time frame of 20 minutes.

Capgemini Essay Writing Topics
Capgemini Essay Writing Topics

Tips for Capgemini Essay Writing Topics

Divide the given Essay topic into three parts. 1. Introduction 2. Body and 3. Conclusion
Start writing the topic with a simple Introduction.
Highlight the things in the Body section.
Finally, Express your opinion in the conclusion section with future expectations and results.
Try to complete the Essay in simple English with minimum 300 words or above.
Use punctuations correctly.

Trending Topics for Capgemini Essay Writing

Exam Pattern: 1 Essay Question – 300 Words Length – 20 Minutes Time

Below are the few trending topics to prepare for the Capgemini Campus Recruitments. 
  • How the Internet Has Killed Book Reading Habits
  • Influence of Video Games on Children and Young People
  • Influence of Social Media on Youth
  • Online Shopping and Traditional Shopping
  • India After 2020
  • GST Impact on Indian Economy
  • Cashless India
  • Net Neutrality
  • Rohingyas Issue
  • Digital India


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