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Automation Testing Interview Questions PDF Download

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Automation Testing Interview Questions PDF Download

Automation Testing Interview Questions: If you are preparing for Automation Testing Interview, then you should read this article containing questions on Automation Testing with Answers. Here we have listed the top 50 Test Automation Interview Questions in PDF as well. Moreover, you can download this PDF file.
Automation Testing Interview Questions For Freshers

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Automation Testing Interview Questions

  1. What is the distinction between Manual Testing & Automation Testing?
  2. What is the general life cycle of automation?
  3. What are the main benefits of automation testing?
  4. Can automation testing improve test effectiveness?
  5. What is your Automation Test framework?
  6. How to estimate a check automation project from scratch? or what’s the bottom for estimating check automation projects?
  7. Describe some drawback that you simply had with automating testing tool?
  8. What sorts of scripting techniques for check automation does one know?
  9. What area unit the principles of excellent testing scripts for automation?
  10. What Naming Convention have you ever followed whereas naming your machine-controlled check Scripts?
  11. What could go wrong with test automation?
  12. What is the distinction between GUI stop and synchronization
  13. Describe common problems of test automation.
  14. What are the limitations of automated software testing?
  15. What are the main attributes of test automation?
  16. What automating testing tools are you familiar with?
  17. How do you plan test automation?
  18. What is data-driven automation?
  19. What is Keyword-Driven automation?
  20. Does automation replace manual testing?
  21. Why is it necessary to enhance a check automation process?
  22. Why isn’t automation the solution to the software-testing problem?
  23. How can you decide on a tool for check automation?
  24. Identify the tools that can be used for the management of the testing process.
  25. What testing activities you may want to automate?
  26. Identify the tools that you simply will use for ASCII text file testing while not death penalty it.
  27. What sorts of bugs is automation smart at detecting?
  28. Describe common problems of test automation.
  29. What types of scripting techniques for test automation do you know?
  30. What are the principles of good testing scripts for automation?
  31. Can the activities of action style be automated?
  32. What are the limitations of automated software testing?
  33. Why associate degree automation tool ought to permit check cases to be dead severally, as a group, or in a predefined sequence?
  34. What skills needed to be a good software test automation?
  35. How to notice that tools work well together with your existing system?
  36. What are the role of testing frameworks and automated scripts in refactoring?
  37. What are some of the common misconceptions during the implementation of automated testing tools for the first time?
  38. What area unit the benefits and downsides of early check automation, that is, for the first release of a product?
  39. When do we use custom checkpoints?
  40. What is the distinction between GUI MAP and GUI MAP File?
  41. When do we use breakpoints?
  42. What is the purpose of the input parameters?
  43. How can you make a checkpoint flexible?
  44. How many ways we have to set checkpoints?
  45. How does one confirm whether or not a check failing or passed?
  46. Why Automation testing?
  47. What are the Risks associated with Automation Testing?
  48. What are the pre-requisites to start automation testing?
  49. What area unit the variations between open supply tools, merchant tools, and in-house tools?
  50. What is Static Analyzer?


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