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Americos UI/UX Designer Jobs for Freshers | Ahmedabad

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Americos UI/UX Designer Jobs for Freshers | Ahmedabad

Americos UI/UX Designer Jobs for Freshers | Ahmedabad

Job Description: Americos is looking for brilliant UI/UX Designers to join their in an early stage funded startup as we disrupt the mobile market globally. Designers with strong mobile design fundamentals, who can produce innovative, low friction; beautiful UI underpinned by flawless UX, and have a history of delivering beautiful user experiences is what we are looking for.


Job Requirements

Solid portfolio: Mobile a must
Genuine passion for the role.
Pixel level eye for detail.
Strong conceptual development and excellent understanding of composition, color, imagery and typography.
Ability to solve design problems, not just design good-looking interfaces
Experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Passion to keep up to date with computer technology and learn new things

Job Responsibilities

Implement public facing web pages and mobile app features
Play a key role in UI & UX decisions
Prototype experimental features
Have significant creative freedom and the ability to experiment with new designs
Think logically and bring an intelligent and objective approach to design, always considering design and UX principles
Analyze feature usage data & user behavior to improve UX
Be expected to generate your own amazing ideas as well as illustrate subjects provided to you in a style which Think Geek user enjoys.

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