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10 Tips To Get Success in College Campus Drives in 2019

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10 Tips To Get Success in College Campus Drives in 2019

Engineering is a dream for many students in India. But nowadays, engineering has become a common professional degree with an ever increasing number of engineering institutes, both in the public and private sectors in India. Lakhs of students graduate each year from engineering schools, but how many of them are assured of a promising career? What gives them a promising career?

Tips To Get Success in College Campus Drives

The Placement Officers of the Engineering Colleges face a tough challenge in deciding the companies for the Campus Recruitment. As there is a big competition amongst IT companies to reach out to the top talent pool of reputed colleges, almost every company demands the first slot, to recruit fresh graduates. So, the upcoming freshers are advised to start their preparation from 4th-year 1st-semester onwards.
Tips To Get Success in Campus Drives
Tips To Get Success in Campus Drives
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  1. The students must be well prepared to answer the most common first question- Tell me about yourself. You must justify to the Interviewers in creating a good opinion on you.
  2. Try to attend campus recruitment training offered by the university internal training programmes or government training campaigns
  3. During interviews, always be cheerful, calm and composed. It is not necessary to answer all the questions of the interview panel members.
  4. Refer the CRT textbooks or RS Agarwal Aptitude book to start preparation with Arthematic, reasoning and Verbal English.
  5. Try to clear all the backlogs before the placement season of your college.
  6. Prepare the projects completed in the final semester of the college and mention them in your resume.
  7. Update the resume with your skills and carry 2 photographs, ID proof, and all the mark lists.
  8. Prepare  interview questions by  researching on the Internet
  9. Do good homework to study about the company by visiting their websites.
  10. Prepare interview by researching on the Internet – Frequently asked questions, How to answer, Dress code, Resume Building.
Also, check a few more tips for Campus Interviews
  • Find out what the company is offering generally to the freshers. If they ask you about salary expectations, you should be able to quote the range.
  • If the company of your choice does not visit your college, you could sneak to some other college and talk to the recruiting team. There are several occasions such moves are appreciated and they respect your keenness.
  • Review your project before attending the Campus Interview. Be prepared to elaborate it in not more than two minutes.
  • The interviewers will ask you the areas you are interested in. Do not pretend on the areas you are not confident about. Focus on what you are thorough.
  • If you are not cleared by any company, do not despair. There will be several opportunities for direct recruitments as well.

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