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10 Things Employers Look For in Any Job Interview

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10 Things Employers Look For in Any Job Interview

The Top 10 qualities that an employer or interviewer look for in a candidate in any face to face job interviews. The primary thing of any interviewer is checking the employability skills of the candidate. They include the following qualities.
Problem-Solving Ability, Communications Skills, Motivation, and Self Analysis. 
Personal Interviews Good Preparation is half done Unless you are confident you will not be able to take the interview confidently. For the confidence to grow, you need preparation.

What Employers Look For in Job Interviews
What Employers Look For in Job Interviews
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10 Things Employers Look For in Any Job Interview

What You Know About the Company?
Normally the company’s website gives most of the information. If you are being interviewed for a senior position, you should try to get more information even about the company’s performance and market analysis. Keep these facts ready with you while you take the interview. If you are going to attend interviews in marketing or financial companies you may focus on the following areas: Products and services 
Customers Competitors 
Past performance record 
Recent news about expansion, mergers, performance and share price movements 
current projects. 
Annual reports 
Popular magazines could be consulted. They will help you to answer questions like: What do you know about our company? Why do you want to work for us? 

Keep a copy of your portfolio ready
Keeping a portfolio of yours is a good technique. It contains evidence to back up your claim. A well-maintained portfolio gives a good impression of yourself for the systematic work done by you. Some people go through such things and even ask questions on certain items in the portfolio. Neat lightweight folders with transparent folios are available in plenty.

Candidates Resume
Copies of your degrees and diplomas and certifications. 
Copies of your passport, PAN card, driving license. 
Your previous employers in chronological order (latest first) 
The projects you have done, your achievements (Keep CDs/DVDs if you wish) 
Your personal vision statement and career and professional growth which you have achieved. 

It is quite natural to be nervous and tense before the interview. In fact, experts say that if you are slightly tense, it sharpens your performances and enhances your reflexes. Too much of tension spoils even the advance preparation. so, be active during the Interview.

You should remember that you will be interviewed in the area you are specialized in. Normally, there will be nothing very new for you. All that required is to make a good presentation of what is known to you and impress the interviewers of your capability and knowledge in the area. 
Take deep breathes just before the interview. Close your eyes and imagine a pleasant scene. Do not try to mumble prayers. That will cause more tension. Instead, close your eyes, think of your favorite God. Please remember that you always have another chance if you can’t succeed in one. Only the fallen can rise!

Your Body Language 
Body language gives out one’s sub-conscience. It gives vital signals to the other person(s), even if you do not utter a single word. The board can form an opinion from how you enter the interview room, how you greet them, how you dress yourself, how you sit (posture), how confident your eyes are, how disinterested you are, how honest you are etc. Unless you feel what you say, your body language gives you out. The interviewers can make a judgment on you, based on these visual signals. It is true that most of the times; you will be assessed in the first two minutes of your meeting. It’s called the ‘halo’ effect.

Dressing for the Interview
Wearing decent clothes means showing respect for the board. Casual dressing reflects a casual attitude towards the interview. Dress well. Personal grooming and hygiene are important. You should be immaculate. Your mannerisms will supplement your physical grooming. Do not smoke before the interview. In spite of mints, you still would reek of tobacco. Some people smoke to ward off tension. Please avoid this. No chewing gum please during the interviews. Do not use any caps. They are very casual.

Physical Attire
Attire for Men: For executive positions, a full-sleeve shirt with a tie is enough. Needless to say that the shirt to be tucked and the sleeves should not be rolled up. A dark pant and a light colored shirt or a checked (small checks) shirt serve the purpose. A silk tie that is stripped or one with small dots would be fine. No patterned or designed ties should be used as they look gaudy. Polished, laced, black shoes will be ideal, though brown shoes can pass off. Well-ironed and clean shirt, neatly knotted tie, shining shoes, and well-kempt hair will be the ideal attire. Jeans and T-shirts are not accepted as formal dress. Do not try to use gels and give spiked style to your hair. Whatever is the season, wear a vest. A clean white vest will brighten the color of your shirt besides absorbing the sweat. No strong smelling deodorants or sprays should be used. Please note that expensive clothes are not a prerequisite nor is modest attire. Wear something that is not fanciful. Collarless shirts, half sleeve shirts, unbuttoned shirts¬ especially the top two buttons, faded shirts, bathroom slippers, chappals, unpolished shoes, unshaven face, uncombed hair, greasy hair – all are contributors for negative impression at the time of interview. Don’t show off with rings and bracelets.

Attire for Women

Women usually dresses in a sari or salwar kameez. The guiding principle is to wear clothes that are not as dazzling as are used for an evening party. Neat silks with a good blouse with conservative neckline will be ideal. Younger candidates may, however, prefer salwar kameez. Whatever is worn it should look elegant but not showy. People should focus on your performance rather than your attire. Light make-up with pleasant lipstick is quite acceptable. On no account, jeans should be worn for interviews. No heavy jewelry and clinking bangles, especially for software people. They keep making noise as they key in. One ring and one thin and plain chain is just the expected jewelry. Make a distinction between attending a wedding party and an interview.

Time Sense
Reach well before the time! Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, especially if you have a long journey. It is worth remembering that your late arrival could upset the carefully planned timetable. If you arrive late, you may well be mentally and physically restless and this will not help you to give your best efforts during the interview itself.

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